3 Ways to Pay for University or College Degree

Pause: College is said to be an expensive investment but it’s also a key investment in your future. True. Usually, the final rewards and benefits of going to a higher institution of learning outweighs the cost, but the high cost of learning, tuition fees and other expenses may leave students wondering how they will source for money for school to clear the financial mountain facing them.

As a student, opting for a student loan might be an instant solution to solving this issue (so they think) but little did they know that as they climb higher in their academic classes, so is their debt. Well, that’s why you’re here isn’t it? To learn ways you can pay for college without having to leave a debt record upon graduation after your degree program or diploma program. You will learn ways to clear your debts accumulated from student loans and possibly have some dollar bills to cover a part or your full school expenses.

Tuition-Free Institutes

You may be wondering of such schools do exist. Yes they do. You could actually attend some colleges, study, and complete your program without having to pay anything for your education.  

These institutions may be small, religious or even military-based. Plus, they might require that you reside in a specific region, or state or they may probably ask that you work on campus. What do you get in return? Quality education and certificate without having to pay tuition fees nor accumulate any type of student loan.

Barclay College is a university based in Kansas. It is operated by Christians and recognized as a Christian institution of learning. They offer free tuition education to students. They only require their students to live on campus if they wish to learn for free. In Missouri, at the college of the Ozarks, regular students are required to work at least, 15 hours per week and up to 40 hours during school holidays between each semesters; if they want to learn program at the institution for free. There’s an Air Force Academy in Colorado, owned by the United States where students can actually apply to learn for free but they have to serve in the military when they graduate from the institution.

Grants & Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are one of the overlooked sources of free money for school whenever students are seeking admission into a domestic or foreign university. Gone are the eras of awarding scholarships to the brightest student from a poor background. Today, there are different sorts of scholarships offered by the Government, individuals, private companies and schools and religious bodies too.

These offered scholarships and grants are awarded in areas such as arts, music, science, business and much more. Grants and scholarships are normally free and not to be paid back. There are various types of grants and scholarships – need-based, merit-based and much more other categories of student grants.

You should note that the eligibility and application requirements of each scholarships and student grants varies, hence as an applicant interested in applying to any of the scholarship program, you should read and understand everything the scholarship provider have described, before you send your applications.

Learn-and-earn jobs

There are job positions majorly targeted at students. These jobs are often part-time jobs as students are required to still study for their degree but also work to pay for college. The main goal of learn-and-earn jobs is helping students with monetary aid to help them pay for their studies and other academic expenses.

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