6 Major Methods You Could Earn a PhD Free Student Grant in the UK, 2019

The cost of PhD programs and lack of funding has made many graduate students to dahs their dreams of earning a PhD degree to the trash bin. Arguably, the country with the most costly tuition charges in Europe is the United Kingdom. And due to the quality education offered by institutions in the United Kingdom, students are now always on watch out as to when to sight and grab any scholarship promising to sponsor their UK study abroad program.

To help graduate students source for monetary assistances, we came with a research and solution on the various methods you could source funds from and pay for your UK education with.

Here are the seven methods:

  • If you originally have plans of studying your graduate PhD degree in the UK, then you need to start hunting for scholarships and free grants on the website of your intended institution of application. You could want to look up the school’s scholarship and finance departments to enquire of available grants and free bursaries. Some institutions majorly award limited number of PhD Scholarships to a few students. Some of these student grants are need-based whilst others may be merit-based. And they are very competitive. Plus, applicants are required to show strong academic background and motivation for them to be considered.\
  • One of the ways of finding and landing a scholarship for your PhD program in the UK is by looking up jobs.ac.uk/phd. This website contains thousands of student grants, their information, application requirements and much more. Subscribing to their newsfeed will help you get quick notifications on when a scholarship position is open for applications because it is bound to help anyone find and possibly land a scholarship in few days and subscribing to the newsletter will help students to not miss any important update to the website.
  • The British council also offers some UK Scholarships to over sea students who wish to study for their graduate, undergraduate, or doctorate degree program abroad. A good example of such scholarship is the Newton Fund student grant where PhD students also stand the chance to receive a portion of the total grant offered. Learn more about this offer here – on their official website.
  • Students who subscribe to our newsletters with preferences to receiving PhD student grants do get first-hand information on available scholarships and they apply with high chances of getting the PhD scholarships. Make sure to check our page often for scholarship opportunities available in your field of study, academic level, and your country.
  • Getting school funding for your PhD degree can be gotten by reaching in direct contact with potential scholarship providers. Most times, researchers award scholarships to candidates willing to undertake a specific doctorate degree project. That is the reason it is suggested you reach out to potential project supervisors related to your field to check for availability of PhD funding opportunities.
  • Also, as you surf the World Wide Web in search of PhD grants, try to subscribe to newsletters, and enroll for mailing lists on the sites you see scholarship listings. Make preferences to receive scholarship offer opportunities that are only related to your field of study. Most times, juicy funding positions are presented to candidates via this channel.

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