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www.scholarshipapplication.club is an information platform where scholarship opportunities, school information and information which are very relevant to students and school life are posted.

Here at www.scholarshipapplication.club, we put forward our best efforts to research and bring you the most relevant and interesting topics to read and take note of. It should be noted that the scholarships we post here are not sponsored by us but rather we only write on the details, application requirements and eligibility requirements on this scholarship to help applicants better understand the scholarship.

www.scholarshipsapplication.club is an update site where foreign scholarships and student grants are listed for mainly for students from developing nations, who seek the national development of their country by furthering their education.

One of our main targets is helping students find scholarship opportunities to study abroad, come back home and stand as an agent of development and change in their community, country and the world at large.

We list scholarships from different sponsors and sources. These scholarships and free bursaries are not hosted nor sponsored by us. We only make research and present this offers to prospective candidates who wish to study abroad and make a difference in their respective environments and areas of interest.

Scholarship offers and opportunities may or may not be listed always as we may also write about other topical issues that interests students in general too. Get hooked on our home page now.  

If you have any question or wish to speak to us, you can reach out to us through here.

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