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https://www.scholarshipapplication.club/, hereinafter referred to as “The Site”, “We”, “Us” is not in any way, affiliated with any of the scholarship suppliers listed on the website, unless specified by us on the site.

What Data Do We Pull together And Why

Here at https://www.scholarshipapplication.club/, we respect and uphold the privacy of users who visits https://www.scholarshipapplication.club/. We understand the importance of this and therefore, we wish to inform our users what data we collect, why we collect them, and how we use them.


We collect the data in the comment form whenever a user drops a comment on our website. The browser the user uses to visit our website, the Internet Protocol Address of the user, and even details of the Internet Service Provider of the user is collected upon commenting on https://www.scholarshipapplication.club/. We use the data to help us identify and limit possible spam comments.

Contact Forms

When you contact https://www.scholarshipapplication.club/ using the contact form displayed on our contact page, we receive your email address and we store it for communication purposes now and in the future.


Collected from users who drops a comment on our site are stored for a period lasting up to 365 days. Reason being because, we don’t want users to stress in filling out their details over and over again whenever they want to comment on scholarshipapplication.club. This cookie collected helps make user experience a smooth commenting session without having to input their email address or names.

The cookies we collect contains no personal data from the user and the cookies ae stored temporarily. They are discarded after a few days.

Embedded Content from Other Sites Other Than scholarshipapplication.club

This website may include embedded content and information from other sites. These embedded content may be text, photos, video, maps or any other form of content. And these embedded content behaves exactly the same way as it is on the website where it is embedded from. These other websites where we may embed content from may collect data from you, monitor your activities with the embedded content via third party tracking and analytical tools , and may also store cookies from your device.

Your rights over your data

You may request from an exported file containing your data if you have left a comment a comment on scholarshipapplication.club in the far or near past, or if you have an account with us. You also reserve the rights to request that your data be erased. But deletion of user data does not include the data we store for legal, administrative, or security purposes.

Where your data is sent

Whenever a comment is made on our site, it si subject to pass through an automatic spam detection service.

Third Party and User Data

We don’t share nor sell user data to any third party. But we use user data for analytical purposes. We sue Google Analytics and some other tools which helps us ensure the smooth operation of the site and awesome user experience. These data used for analytical purposes are stored anonymously hence no personal information is sent out.

For any query or question, contact us.  

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